It is an incident that I witnessed in a pub and asked myself how should pub culture be in India?

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This is article is to share an incident that I witnessed in a pub.

I was sitting in a pub with my family and friends in Bengaluru. While we were engrossed in our talks and listening the live-band, I suddenly realized that table next to ours got occupied by a bunch of teenagers.



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Corporate life is never easy. It requires lots of dedication, hardwork, multitasking, learnings and perseverance to be successful. Some of these qualities are inherent, however, some are learnt hard way. Many times it is gained by exploring ideas and at times, it is, in keeping mum. The right decision making is what comes through Experience and makes a professional, an Experienced Professional!

My years of experience in corporate world has taught me a few lessons of experience that I would like to share with all young professionals who feels demotivated in a toxic work environment or when surrounded by negative people.

Starting my career as a young energetic professional, I used to think why many times, seniors in corporate world are not as enthusiastic as youngsters? Why are they not eager to present themselves despite being more experienced and knowledgeable? Why they take easy everything that comes their way and do not take initiatives that we, youngsters think as a ‘must taken step’? Why does the thought process/ point of view differs so much while viewing the same subject? Though somewhere my questioning nature,  has opened up my eyes to see a situation from the angle beyond mine and that has taught me a great lesson. A lesson of being silent at something and observe everything.  This is one of my learning from the Experienced Professionals that have answered few of my questions during my initial corporate days. Though for an energetic youngster, it is difficult to understand, but, through experience one realizes how to save energy for the right job.

Corporate world is full of different types of people. While some lead by examples and  keep setting roles models for the young and energetic professionals to follow their path, at the same time, there are many out there, who take any route to survive the competition. Their action may be unethical, or their behavior could be bossy or their intentions could be harmful, etc., whatever, it may be, and how so ever policies of the companies could be to tackle such people, there are times when these toxic people are able to successfully create a Toxic Workplace Environment, that leads to a demotivates work environment for a hard working professional.

What should a young professional learn from an Experienced Professional?

The best learning lies in learning behavioral competencies.

As a young professional, you might have witnessed that in a toxic work place, it is not that an honest person is a winner, it is the person who can create such perception makes its way towards success. Therefore, do understand that a successful person is the one, who is a winner of every situation. Give your best at work and at the same time create your brand.